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A better way to stay informed

Xillum’s physician portal provides your radiologists with the information they need when they need it.

Beautiful Design

Designed to provide the information you need in the most efficient and elegant way possible

Lightning Fast

Optimized to compile data from multiple sources to make it rapidly accessible

Cloud Based

HIPAA-compliant hosting in the cloud to minimize on-site costs

Easily discover important insights

Insights by Xillum™ combines data from multiple sources to identify opportunities hiding in your data

Daily analytics

Visualize detailed trends in your practice presented in an easy to understand format.

Performance tracking

Analyze turnaround time and volumes across your organization by day, time, resource, location, etc.

Proactive alerts

Alerts can be configured to quickly detect deviations from normal ranges and alert you to potential issues.

Connect with multiple data sources

Xillum Insights™ consolidates and standardizes complex data sets to derive trends and detect outliers.

Connect your interface engine HL7 data to track volumes

Connect your billing company data to track revenue

Connect your schedule software to optimize assignments

Allow the physicians to track CME credit, non-clinical tasks, etc.

About Us

As with most great ideas, Xillum (pronounced Zy-Lum) was born out of necessity at a busy radiology practice. We set out to design and build a cloud-based database that automates the process of collecting HL7 data and displaying it in a user-friendly secure online portal accessible to radiologists.  The increased visibility of the data allows radiologists to readily identify trends and forecast future business patterns in their practice.  Xillum further advances that technology by automating the trend analysis and making it available to practices across the country.

Why Xillum?


Xillum eliminates the noise in large data sets using trend analysis and exception reporting to assist with identifying key trends before issues become too costly or complex to resolve.


Xillum provides access to important business metrics through readily available and easy-to-use customized administrator and radiologist portals.


Xillum proactively provides client advocacy, benchmarking and best practices through our Data Analysts and Client Service Managers.


Xillum operates with the client’s best interests in mind as an unbiased independent third party partner.

Our Values


We build trust through transparency and by following through on our commitments.


We assure excellence by holding ourselves to rigorous performance standards and by committing to continuous improvement.


We contribute value to our client’s organization by being personally accountable for the success of our partnership.


We quickly identify key issues and solve problems through innovative thinking.


We seek to improve patient lives by ensuring our client’s long-term success.


Joe Wolfcale

Chief Executive Officer

Joe’s industry experience ranges from manufacturing to healthcare, with most of his executive experience in healthcare. He spent over 10 years as a chief executive officer for a health care company. He also spent several years as a senior executive in a multi-billion dollar healthcare organization. Within his various executive roles, data always played a significant role. During the course of his career, the vast amount and unique methodologies behind data analysis helped him extract significant value for his employers.

Eric Beier, MD

Chief Operating Officer

Eric has extensive leadership experience as both a physician entrepreneur and investor. He is currently on the startup team for Xillum and Partner for Boomerang Ventures. He was the startup CEO of two physician revenue cycle management companies and helped start up and manage three physician practices. He was the CEO for a cancer diagnostics startup and founded the Fort Wayne Chapter of VisionTech Angels. Early career positions included Product Line Manager for Cardiovascular Diagnostics at Roche Diagnostics and practicing as an emergency physician in Northeast Indiana.

Join Our Team

Please contact us on LinkedIn for additional information or to share your resume.

The AWS DevOps Engineer position requires a technically proficient, independent, committed, creative, team player to play a critical role in our technical team as we grow.  The position requires applying deep technical knowledge to help create and manage our application and has the opportunity to develop new skills including additional AWS expertise.  This position will work with a growing Xillum technical team and help manage a supplementary external team of developers.  Please click on the link below for additional details.

AWS DevOps Engineer Job Description

The database administrator position will help manage impactful projects using technical skills and creativity.  This team member will help design and build future functionality in our dynamic innovative product while maintaining/optimizing current client databases.  The position has the opportunity to develop new skills or advance existing skills including healthcare and HL7 expertise.  This position will work with a growing Xillum technical team and help manage a supplementary external team of developers.  Please click on the link below for additional details.

Database Administrator Job Description

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